Heavenly Haze


Heavenly Haze

Genetics:  Thai sativa/Snow Lotus (Bodhi) x  Bionic Plant (Grapefruit/Blueberry x SSSDH/Amnesia Hashplant)
Indica/Sativa: 30/70
Flowering period: 60-65 days
outdoor – end sept. to first week oct. northern OR/WA
Height: med tall, tall (10+ feet)
Yield: med high – high

The father (pollen donor)  comes from a cross I made 2015.  Its a sativa-dominant cultivar we call “Bionic Plant” because of the off-the-chain growth and structure most plants exhibit.  Its genetics are:
Grapefruit/Blueberry x SSSDH/Amnesia Hashplant.

To make the Heavenly Haze hybrid, a particularly robust Bionic Plant male  (aka, The Hulk) was chosen as the pollen donor.

I made the mother of Heavenly Haze in the summer of 2000, by crossing an old-school Thai Sativa (circa 1970s) with Bodhi’s “Snow Lotus”.

In northern Oregon and Washington, most Heavenly Haze plants should finish in the first week of October to Oct. 10th.  However, you will get  a number of specimens that will finish by end Sept because “The Hulk” effected a shorter flowering time in most of the offspring.

The Blockhead in the Snow Lotus (mom’e genetics) and Blueberry/Grapefruit in dad will bring some berry fruit to the flavor party, while the hazes and uplifting diesel will definitely put some wind in your sails… Happy energy that lets you go with a gentle touchdown.  Can also stimulate or focus tactile/sensory/sensual energy, making it useful as a creative tool for musicians and artists, writers, meditation/mind travel, lovemaking…

Outdoor some specimens can go big. Probably not best in tight indoor spaces.

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Heavenly Haze

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