Lebanese CBD


Lebanese CBD

Genetics: Lebanese landrace x Willamette Hush
Indica/Sativa 40/60
Flowering: 65 days of 12/12
Outdoor: by end Sept.


The mother in this medicinal hybrid comes from Esben, Hybrids from Hell, in Denmark. Its a variety that is suitable for more northern outdoor growers with a short flowering period of 45-50 days. In northern Oregon the Lebanese is done by mid Sept. and earlier. Fairly resistant to damp weather, molds, disease — its a moderately potent cultivar with some plants being cbd rich.

The Lebanese Landrace was pollinated with our stabilized, high-cbd hemp (Willamette Hush) to take advantage of the Lebanese's fast flowering period and resistance to molds and disease. The Lebanese averages a moderate 10-12% thc. The high CBD (17-19%) hemp father will push the CBD up significantly in this cross.

A good choice for growers and patients looking for a little THC and a lot of CBD in a colorful plant that will finish outdoors by end Sept.

Lebanese CBD can be harvested by end september.

Available in packs of ten (10) regular seed.

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