Iranian Early Flower CBD


Iranian Early Flower CBD

Genetics: Iranian Early Flower X Charlotte’s Remedy
Location: Indoor/Outdoor
Sex: Regular
Flowering Duration: 49-60 days
Finished Height: 4.5 – 6.5 feet

Iranian Early Flower CBD – Additional Info

The Iranian Early Flower has been pollinated with my Oregon Dept. of Ag compliant high-cbd hemp, Charlotte’s Remedy.

Iranian Early Flower is a super fast flowering, short-stature indica that produces quite large, dense buds that are ready for harvest anywhere from end of August to mid September here in Oregon. Its got potency to spare, intoxicating aroma, and uber tasty, old-school hashy earthy flavors that melt in your mouth.

The pollinator, Charlotte’s Remedy, comes from our stabilized HIGH-CBD hemp line which is sativa dominant , typical of hemp. Additionally, all cultivars in this line are stabilized, capable of producing plants at harvest that test from 15% up into the 20-24% range. Charlotte’s Remedy is no exception. Customers report achieving cbd percentages of 22-23%. She is one of the top two sellers in my high-cbd hemp line, with plants grown from seed that can reach heights of 9 feet or more grown outdoors here in Oregon.

Growers can expect CBD to THC ratios in the 1:1 to 2:1 range. And a much shorter flowering time than my high-cbd hemp which typically takes at least 63-70 flowering days outdoors (longer indoors) – harvest typically first half October. As far as size or height goes… growers will have specimens that lean toward the shorter Iranian, and the taller hemp, and about helf should fall right in the middle.

A ratio of THC and CBD together is best for good pain relief. Even the cancer-curing Rick Simpson Oil typically contains a ratio of CBD to THC, being higher on the THC.

Iranian Early Flower CBD is a smart choice for a quick-finishing, highly medicinal plant for your garden.

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