Colorado Cherry


Colorado Cherry

Genetics: Cherry (Cannatonic x Afghan/Skunk) x Tree of Life

Sex: Regular seed
Type: CBD Rich
Potency: 15% CBD; 0.3%THC
Flowering: 63 Days; Mid October (Outdoor)
Height: Medium
Area: Indoor & Outdoor

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Colorado Cherry was one of our first varieties stabilized for high CBD and low THC content, to remain compliant for industrial hemp cultivation.

The mother in this hybrid, “Cherry” aka “Remedy”, comes from a “Z6” – “Cannatonic x (Afghan x skunk)” project done by CBD crew in Spain. Beyond her incredible aroma she is a quick finisher (8 weeks) and stays short with dense buds.  But we felt we could up her yield a bit by adding some stretch to her with our “Tree Of Life” stud while retaining the unique cherry terpene profile and lowering her THC at time of harvest.

The male used in this project was created by pairing our best testing cbd-ratio “Otto 2” male (40:1 – found via leaf analysis) with our non-detectable THC phenotype of “The Wife”, which tests at 25% CBD and near zero (0.001) thc.

From this offspring we selected the most cannabinoid rich stud to produce our Tree Of Life F2 (The Wife x Otto2). Through yet another cycle of thorough selection based on structure, vigor , fragrance and analytical data came what has now been dubbed our “Tree Of Life” stud.

Expect stacked floral spears coated in greasy resin from this hybrid. You will see two phenotype variations. The prominent phenotype expressed will remain a bit shorter out of the two with heavier trichome production, and the other will stretch a bit more with bigger hairier tops and more of a greasy resin with the same similar aroma and cannabinoid content.

Sex: Regular
Palate – Flavors to range from a complex blend of floral berries with earthy wood and nutty undertones
Potency – 15% CBD .3% THC (depending on time of harvest and climate variables)
Harvest – 9-10 weeks indoor . Mid to late October outdoor


  • Available in packs of ten (10) regular seed.



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