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flash seed sale

Flash Seed Sale – Save 40% all Greenpoint & KickBoot

Many distraught customers contacted me after the recent flash seed sale for Greenpoint/KickBoot seed, asking me to PLEEEASE rerun it because they missed it. I had to get through a 7-day power outage and a few other fubars before I could do it… but I am pleased to announce that that sale will run again, […]

sprouting seed

Sale on Greenpoint and Kickboot Gear

Greenpoint and Kickboot Sale Starts 1/29/2020 @ 9AM Starting at 9 AM tomorrow PST – Blowout sale on All Greenpoint and Kickboot gear. Get a whopping 35% off on all Greenpoint and Kickboot seeds in stock. Sale runs for 3 days, unless stock sells out before then. When the countdown timer hits zero, its over. […]

purple mtn. majesty

Greenpoint Seeds and More – 35% Off

Flash Sale on Greenpoint Seeds, Kickboot Seeds, and select Oregon Green Seed Cultivars… Greenpoint Seed Company, Kickboot Seed Company, and four of Oregon Green Seed top selling cultivars… This seed sale features the deepest and LARGEST discount I’ve EVER offered at Oregon Green Seed for ANY genetics in the seed shop. This is a short, […]