flash seed sale

Flash Seed Sale – Save 40% all Greenpoint & KickBoot

Many distraught customers contacted me after the recent flash seed sale for Greenpoint/KickBoot seed, asking me to PLEEEASE rerun it because they missed it.

I had to get through a 7-day power outage and a few other fubars before I could do it… but I am pleased to announce that that sale will run again, starting Friday 2/27 and run for 72 hours only.

But this time, I’ve upped the discount from 35% to 40%. It will NOT be repeated. And it is is limited to in stock supply.

Please do not hesitate on this — go now and check out the great cultivars from KickBoot – bred and grown outdoors right here in Oregon’s northern Willamette Valley and..

Greenpoint Seed‘s elite clone only and cup – winning mothers pollinated by Stardawg and other top-shelf heavy hitters in the most dank and amazing marijuana categories.

The sale is limited to supplies on hand. So if stock runs out before the 72-hour sale is over, its over.

Spring and this year’s outdoor growing season is just around the corner. Happy gardening to us all.