Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Medical, recreational, paperwork, no paperwork … Can I purchase your seed?

* Yes.

To purchase seed from OGS you must be of LEGAL adult age, and reside in the US.   Its up to you, the customer, to know the laws governing cannabis in your state.   We don’t check you, card you, frisk you, or grill you.

Please read the disclaimer page.


Q:  Where do you ship?

* OGS ships to all 50 US states.

* We do not ship outside of the United States.

Please read our ‘Disclaimer‘ page to see customer responsibilities.

Q:  Can I drop by in person and pick up seeds?

* No. 

* OGS seed stock can only be acquired online.

OGS is a ‘breeder direct’ small seed company, owned and operated by the breeder.   Not a dispensary, not a store — the OGS seed shop is available only from the website – http://oregongreenseed.com/shop.


Q:  How many seeds per pack?

* Packs contain ten (10) seeds, unless otherwise stated at the bottom of the listing description.  For example, Donkey Kong contains twelve (12) seeds per pack, as stated in the listing description.

Q:  Are they feminized?


Regular seed only.  See bottom of this page for more info on this.

Ordering and Payment Info

Q:  How do I place an order?

* Our ordering process is straightforward, and simple.

Our seed shop is online only.  There is no brick and mortar location.  But it couldn’t be easier to shop and acquire OGS seed stock.  Just follow this simple guide…

  1. When you see a variety listed that you want to purchase,  click the ‘add to cart’ button.
  2. When you’re done adding seeds to your cart, go to your cart and click the ‘submit’ button.
  3. That will take you to the checkout page where you’ll confirm your order and get payment instructions.

No payment or financial info is asked for at the time of order submission, order confirmation and checkout.

Once you SUBMIT your order and arrive on the checkout page, you will find instructions for making payment.  In addition, Your order confirmation/invoice, which is sent by email after you confirm your order, also contains payment instructions.

OGS must receive payment within 10 days of placing your order.   Any orders still on ‘hold’ (unpaid) after ten days are automatically cancelled and the items placed back into inventory.

Q:  What payment options do you offer, and how do I use them?

Oregon Green Seed currently has one (1) payment option.


1. Cash or Money Order (payee blank) sent by mail.

Cash or money order only.  NO personal checks.

Send payment, with ORDER# to:

38750 N. Main St, #391
Scio, OR 97374-9394

Make certain to address the envelope EXACTLY as above.

  • Just OGS —  NOT “oregon green seed” or some ‘name’ you think applies.
  • DO NOT put any other text/words on the outside of the envelope, other than your return address if you choose to include it.
  • Do Not Forget to include #391 – it is a very important part of our street address and your letter will be returned undeliverable without it.

This Month’s Top Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Do you have a brick and mortar store where I can pick up my seeds in person?

A: No.  

Our website (oregongreenseed.com) IS our distribution point, and the only venue from which to acquire our cultivars in seed form.

Q:  Are your cannabis varieties offered in Feminized seed form?

A:  No.

Oregon Green Seed is a BREEDER/DEVELOPER of the cannabis plant.   For this work we MUST have  parental stock (both males and females -mothers and fathers), and parental stock of the highest quality and health.

On rare occasions I may make ‘feminized’ seed in order to preserve a project at a certain stage, or preserve an elite or ‘extinct’ variety from cutting.  But I will NEVER set out to produce seed using feminized techniques for any other reason — especially never for the purpose of mass production and e-commerce.

Q:  When will you be restocking the shop, or restocking items currently out of stock.

A:  I restock the shop once a year at the end of the year …

Last year that happened December 1st.  This year (2023) I expect to do the big restock sometime between 12/15 – 12/20.  I post more information on current year’s restock in the ‘News and Updates’ section.  Read the latest restock update here: News and Updates