mastodon bud shot

Mastodon & Pachyderm Kush — Limited quantity of NEW seed available.

Mastodon & Pachy Seed

We ran a breeding project for Mastodon and Pachyderm Kush this winter — two very popular and flagship Oregon Green Seed varieties.

Fortunately, we’ve just completed that seed harvest.

Fortunately, the seed matured and cured very well, resulting in grade A.

Unfortunately, the seed quantities produced for both is very limited.

MORE unfortunately, I will not be making more seed of these any time soon, if ever.

I’ll be listing available packs from this latest seed harvest for both Pachyderm and Mastodon within the next 24 hours.   The price will reflect the limited quantity of the LAST available seed for both of these cultivars.

Many of Oregon Green Seed’s long-time and returning customers consider these varieties an absolute staple in their garden.  So consider this post a heads UP to grab a pack while you can.