Mountain Magic


Mountain Magic

Regular seed
60 day flowering period
CBD: 15-24%
THC: < 0.3%
Sold in packs of ten (10) seed.

Mountain Magic is one of several hemp genetics OGS is releasing over the coming weeks that are suitable for agricultural and industrial growers – a very high CBD hemp-dominant variety with unmeasurable thc (0.3% or less).

Our Mountain Magic got its start utilizing a high cbd afghani for one of the parents. With Mountain Magic's thc content stable at 0.3% or lower, its a great candidate for agricultural or industrial hemp farming. And it goes without saying that with a cbd/thc ratio of 15-25:0 it more than qualifies as a medicinal hemp.

Ag hemp growers will closely monitor through leaf sample testing the cannabanoind and cannabadiol ratios in order to harvest at the proper time for compliancy with state guidelines.

Stock is VERY Limited.

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