Cheri’s Gift

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Cheri's Gift

Genetics: Lebanese landrace (cbd/medicinal) x Afghani/Black Domina (cbd/medicinal)
Indica/Sativa: 65/35
Flowering Time: 45-52 days
Outdoors: mid to end Sept (latitude dependent)
Good mold resistance.
Height: 4' – 7' (or larger outdoors)

Cheri's Gift is one of several CBD medicinal projects OGS has been working on.  Currently worked over 3 generations, with parental selections for medicinal/cbd.  This project is still 'underway'.  But growers will find specimens with 3:1 to 2:1  thc/cbd ratios.

We will be working Cheri's Gift through another filial generation later this year — this time using a medicinal hemp with no measurable thc and very high cbd as the pollen donor.    Our goal is to be able to offer a 'ratio' version that is good for severe pain (Cheri's Gift), and a high CBD version that works best for neuroleptic disorders, seizures, epilepsy.

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    I received these as a “freebie” with an order over $150. I germinated 3 seeds for my outdoor grow, and all three popped and were in good shape. They grew strong, lush, healthy, and tall. At about 7′ tall starting in the 3rd week in July they started to show sex, and over the course of the next couple of weeks all three turned out to be boys… so that’s where my review ends. I had hoped for at least one in three being a girl (I usually average 2 out of 3), but no such luck this year.

    I do hope some other reviews will be posted of both the grow and smoke characteristics. I have some seeds left and would love to know how they could turn out…

  2. Rated 1 out of 5


    Ran a whole pack this season. 5 showed female flowers same time as other strains we are running. Remaining ended p being male. In the last week ALL of the Cheri’s gift plants started to Hermie. Had to pull them out of our greenhouse and culled them. All but one of our Nepalese rockets Hermied too. I have another pack Cheri’s gift but will not be using them. It cost to much to grow plants for over 6 months and have pretty much ALL of them end up this way. I know this doesn’t mean much because I know growers that have been growing longer than I and they suck at it but I’ve been growing for 15 years and we have had no Hermie issues with seeds we purchased else where. I still have OG OG , Double Diesel , Lebanese landrace and more Nepalese rocket seeds that I saved for next year but I’m worried about wasting time and money on growing hermies again.

    • OGS-admin

      Cheri’s Gift and Nepalese Rocket have not brought any reports of hermie issues. And many many packs have gone out to customers for both. Cheri’s Gift was released almost a year ago now, and Nepalese Rocket (current seed generation) was dropped into inventory almost three years ago.

      These varieties are HEAVY on landrace genetics and super super fast outdoor-only genetics originating from more northern latitudes (52-56 N lats). The fact that BOTH of these varieties hermied on you suggests that they were stressed by their growing conditions.

      Cheri’s Gift has a fair amount of FAST outdoor-only landrace genetics in it from the Lebanese landrace. And Nepalese Rocket has landrace genetics from both its parents – both parents being outdoor varieties suitable for up to 56 N. Lat.

      Outdoor-only genetics from the far north and super fast flowering outdoor-only landraces are very difficult to hold in veg state, they should NEVER be started early indoors to be put out in mid to end of May. And they should NEVER be put on a light regimen that gives them much more than 17 hours of daylight (in veg). They do NOT tolerate heat – ambient temps above 80-85 degrees for more than a 2-3 is quite stressful to these genetics. Artificial lighting beyond getting to first set of true leaves can also stress these outdoor genetics.

      Conditions outside of what they come from WILL cause stress to these super fast genetics and UP the risk for hermies.

      The fact that the Nepalese Rocket also hermied tells me that these varieties were put under unusually stressful conditions for such fast, outdoor-only genetics.

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