Genetics:  (Trainwreck x Mexican/Thai x Afghani) X LA Cherry Haze (black cherry soda x la nina)

Flowering time: 65-68 days
Outdoors: first week Oct.
50/50 indica/sativa
height: medium indoors, medium-tall out
yield: above average
potency: 8 out of 10

Sidekick posesses excellent medicinal value.  Whatever is wrong simply fades away after use.  Cerebral in effect, with excellent anxiety and pain relief.

Suited to INDOOR growing.  Some phenotypes will stretch (mexican/thai influence), but most plant will stay shorter with compact growth along the main stem.

You will definitely get stuff done throughout your day with Sidekick at your side… unusual for a 50/50 indi/sat blend.  So don't expect couch lock with this one.  Get UP and conquer your day.


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