Afghani/Black Domina Hybrid

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Afghani/Black Domina Hybrid

Genetics: ( Afghani x Black Domina) x (Skunk )

Indica dominant

Flowering Period: ~60-65 days indoors

Harvest outdoors by last week of September

Height: medium – tall

Yield: medium

low odor when growing

Potency: High, potent, medicinal qualities. Some plants will be cbd rich with thc.

Easy grower with good mold resistance.  Strong branching,  open structure.  Would be a super candidate for SCROG.  Will perform nicely  topped or untopped.  Very desireable bud structure and density.  High calyx to leaf ratio (easier trimming).  Very flavorful with a lovely aroma when cured.   More Indica in effect, good for relaxing, mild pain relieving qualities.

Available in packs of ten (10) regular seed

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4 reviews for Afghani/Black Domina Hybrid

  1. Mark (verified owner)

    The Buds taste good grown indoors ,good producer,looking great outdoors six feet tall and just starting to Bud.

  2. Joshua (verified owner)

    Being a huge fan of Black Domina I decided to give the Afghani/Black Domina Hybrid a run. These seeds alone were impressive based on the high germination rate and serious vigor as babies and young adult plants. All young seedlings were well branched and had good node spacing. All but one had a sharp almost fruity aroma when the stalks were rubbed. The one female having a skunky coffee earthy smell. That being the one female that was grown on our farm. It was a standout all thru veg “hitting the soil running” so to speak suffering no transplant shock or slow down. I even discovered (late flowering) of course that a barn light had been beaming onto it at night. She still however did not hermaphrodite or stress to the point of not finishing properly. Planted in a small 3’x3′ raised box it still managed to finish in 8 weeks at around 6.5′ tall and about 5′ wide. She was fed an organic base tea with minor supplements yet yielded as much as any other plant in the same sized raised box some fed with actual fertilizers and supplements. The flowers are by far the most impressive feature surprising me with a lovely dry floral and lightly fruity and perfumed aroma.
    Nice strong solid body high that sets in before finishing a session.
    No paranoia but the high is old school in nature, altering perception almost instantly and leaving one contemplative yet euphoric and relaxed. Many including my self found its effects to be pleasant yet surprisingly strong and good for moderate pain. An easy to grow plant for sure that requires very little special attention yielding a nice bounty of medicinal flowers. I would highly recommend it for those looking for an easy to grow indica that has a very unique taste, aroma and solid effect.

  3. thom.crown13 (verified owner)

    Joshua pretty much nailed it. Great aroma, easy to grow & clone plus I even got a purple plant as a bonus. These days it seems everything is potent, but this stuff will kick your butt! My buds were only golf ball diameter but are very dense. I had an extra clone which wasn’t in soil until mid-July which I put it in my coldframe and grew SCROG as a test. I wasn’t really expecting much but was pleasantly surprised at what I got in 70 days. Another winner…

  4. briteleaf (verified owner)

    Grew this one this Summer. It was grown organically in the Oregon sunshine. Planted seeds March 15 and transplanted female in mid May. Reached about 7 1/2 ft tall and covered in beautiful buds. Only pinched once. Do NOT recommend harvesting entire plant at once. Harvested only main buds when large with just first amber trichromes showing. Lower branches and buds produced two more flushes of buds that I harvested separately. Am certain that the 3 separate harvests increased the size of harvest by 1/3. September harvest. No bugs, rot, or mildew.

    The puffage is first rate. Easy to grow and top notch.

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