Bubba Mastodon


Bubba and Mastodon

Genetics: Bubba Kush (elite cut) x Mastodon

Flowering period: 55-60 days

Outdoors by end September (northern OR)

Height: medium to tall – grows wide

Yield: above average to HIGH

Odor: low/medium

Flavor/experience:  Full ‘o flavor – spiced coffee, chocolate vanilla musk

Potency: 8 — stone to the bone, relaxing, very medicinal

Available in packs of ten (10) regular seed

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Bubba Kush x Mastodon

(Finally back in stock – but smaller seed harvest due to the fires here in Oregon, so limited supply)

My super special, elite cut of Bubba Kush meets the Mastodon, resulting in Bubba Mastodon.

This cross has resulted in plants that can grow larger and yield better than either parent.   In fact, outdoors they can get quite large.

A nearly 100% indica, with beautiful deep emerald green leaves and strong branching — The Bubba Mastodon can hold the weight of its flowers with little to no staking or support outdoors.  Indoors, growers may need to do some minimal staking to keep the weight of the flowers from pulling the plant ‘out of shape’.

Plants can be topped, or left to grow Christmas tree style.   The Bubba Mastodon is a heavy heavy yielder and will give you a big harvest whichever way you go.

When topped: They tend to grow wide – nearly as wide as they are tall, particularly outdoors.    I grew a Bubba/Mastodon directly in the ground outdoors (2012), and it turned into a 9 foot tall by 8 foot around tree/bush.  I grew another in a 15 gallon pot outdoors that turned into a 5′ x 5′ round bush.  Of course, both of these plants were topped and pinched/trained a bit to shape.  But generally the topped Bubba/Masto wants to naturally grow into a nice big round bush, making it easy to achieve for the grower.

When grown untopped Christmas tree style:  Plants get huge and tall outdoors.  Untopped, they are pretty much bullet proof to breaking branches from bud weight in the wind and this ups the mold resistance due to more internodal spacing.  So if you’re growing outdoors in more challenging conditions, you may be better off going UNtopped with your Bubba Mastodon.  Yield will still be well above average.

The Mastodon has opened up the Bubba’s structure a bit, which also adds some additional resistance to mold thanks to better air flow through the plant.  But growers will still want to do some thinning towards the plant’s center for better light penetration and airflow.

Otherwise, the Bubba/Mastodon is a fairly easy grower.  She isn’t finicky or picky.  She likes her food, but isn’t a big eater or nutrient hog.  She excels grown in soil/coco base.  She responds beautifully to a full organic regimen.  She loves kelp both at root level and foliar spray.  She exhibits slightly above average resistance to molds.  But considering her fairly quick flowering time, she’ll be ready to harvest outdoors on or before the end of September in the most northern reaches of Oregon.

Available in packs of ten (10) regular seed


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