Genetics: New York Diesel (f) x pollen donor (? Blueberry/Sweet Jack)
Indica/Sativa: 50/50 – 40/60
Flowering Period: 65 days – 9 weeks
Outdoor: October 7-10 (northern OR)
Height: medium tall, 6-10 feet (outdoor)
Yield: medium high to high (3+ lbs. outdoor)
Potency: 7-8 out of 10.

Highlife is a variety that I’ve been growing for well over a decade, ever since I found seed in several hybrid NYCD plants I grew outdoors in 2005. The pedigree of the pollen donor is somewhat a mystery, but my horti-senses tell me it was the (blueberry/sweet jack herer male) from one of the breeding projects I ran that year.

The MOTHER NYCD plant had a very sativa effect. And there lurks a rather sativa dom pheno in the HighLife. But most HighLife specimens give the user a nice indica/sativa blended high. Not too heavy for productive daytime use, yet not so UP that you can’t chill out and relax whenever. Many OMMP patients love the HighLife for just that reason.

Easy to grow and fairly forgiving with very respectable yields, making it great for newbies. Yet experienced growers can take her to her limits for the highest rewards. The Highlife has been consistently one of my highest yielding plants grown outdoors.

Strong structure with good side branching. Medium node spacing with a semi-open growth structure adds to its already good mold resistance. And the medium density golf-ball sized buds are rather easy to trim due to the high calyx to leaf ratio.

Overall, HighLife is a workhorse plant that produces very well under almost all conditions.

Seeds being offered are f9 generation — the last generation that will be made. Quantity on these f9s is limited, So get them while you can.

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