Rocket Chunk


Rocket Chunk Genetics

[(Deep chunk x E-rocket/Danish passion) x (B3N7/Erdpurt x Royal Dane)]
Cross made and worked in Denmark by Hybrids from Hell – F2s made by Tanska Seed.

80/20 indica/sativa


Flowering period:  55-60 days (indoor)

Harvest Outdoor:  Mid-end September

Height: medium tall, tall (can top, lst, train, etc)

Yield: average to slightly above average

Potency: 7 on a 10-scale

* available in packs of 10 regular seeds


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OGS cannot take credit for all the work done on this cross.  It comes to us straight from Denmark, where breeder Esben of Hybrids from Hell created the first Rocket Chunk.  Tanska Seeds then took it to f2, but lost interest in keeping it going.   I was lucky enough to acquire from Tanska some of the last of their F2 seed, made in 2009.  I continue to continue work with this cultivar in order to bring more options to the outdoor grower in the Pacific Northwest.   I’m currently at f6 with Rocket Chunk.

Its been grown outdoors at 55N latitude and up to 57N successfully by many growers – dependably giving a good harvest of potent, mostly indica buds of perfect density.

Plants finish at the end of September outdoors in Denmark.  But here in the Pacific Northwest they’ll finish sooner — Harvest can start around the 3rd tp 4th week of September, assuming they are out under the sun by end of May.  Grown indoors, flowering will take about 8 weeks from start to finish, complete.

Rocket Chunk is fairly mold resistant and can take some cold and wet weather even late in flower.   Its been acclimatized to a colder, shorter growing season.  Its been bred with Erdpurt and Danish genetics that give this cultivar extra resistance to mold and strength to survive through wind, rain, and cold.  Rocket Chunk can take a fair amount of abuse and still give you a respectable harvest.

You can expect purple on over half the plants later in harvest.

Our current Rocket Chunk seeds are at the 6th filial generation, made outdoors in northern Oregon last season (2014) by Oregon Green Seed.

* available in packs of 10 regular seeds