Pachyderm Kush


Pachyderm Kush  (Last of Pachy – there will be no more made.)

90/10 Indica/Sativa

Genetics:  Vanilla Kush x Mastodon

Flowering period:  49-58 days

Height:  medium

Odor (growing): low/low-medium

Yield: medium high – high

* available in packs of 10 regular seeds

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Pachyderm Kush

A near full-on indica, our Pachy Kush is the result of uniting a very large and buxom Vanilla Kush female (Barney’s Farm origin) with our own Mastodon (LA Confidential x Endless Sky).

This is a flavor marriage made in heaven that will make even the most picky canna connoiseur’s heads spin with its smooth, rich taste and smooth yet deep effect.  Packy will gently scoop you up and take you on an intoxicating ride.  Feel pleasure, relaxation, at one with self…  all your cares will slip away while Pachy watches over you.  High on flavor.  High on potency.  But also HIGH on ‘gentle’ and ‘kind’ to your senses – potency without the hard edge of anxiety or paranoia.   Our Pachyderm Kush is good for moderate to severe pain including nerve pain, insomnia, nausea, headache, anxiety, and more.  Its also great for just relaxing at the end of the day, watching tv or a movie, generally winding down.

Pachy Kush grows like an indica, with some plants showing more height from the Vanilla Kush mom.  Average height of mature plants will range from 4.5 – 7 feet outdoors.  Of course, topping pinching and training will effect overall height.  Plants are easy to grow and exhibit good vigor.  They like a moderately amended growing medium and show very little sensitivity to nutrients.  I suggest 100% organic methods for best results.  They really love kelps and fish mixes in veg.

Grow them topped and trained into a bush, or leave them untopped to grow Christmas-tree style when growing outdoors.  Yields will be medium-high or better.

Indoors, scrog and sog styles will work fine with these plants.  Otherwise, I suggest topping and training for max yield when growing indoors.

Taking the Pachyderm Project to F2’s and beyond won’t occur until I finish two other breeding projects – projected finish time: June 2015.  So, please note that these Pachyderm Kush F1 seeds are of limited supply.  Get them while you can.

* available in packs of 10 regular seeds

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  2. Joshua– March 10, 2017

    Years ago I purchased a pack of Pachyderm Kush for an outdoor medical grow. Unfortunately all of the seedlings that sprouted from the pack were destroyed right before the sexing process could be completed. An incident that I still to this day refer to as the “Great Seedling Massacre”. Around twelve packs of seeds were popped, transplanted, then slaughtered by a flood of butane gas fumes from the apartment above the nursery. I had requested that those living above the nursery warm me if they were going to do such things so that I could reverse the flow of my ventilation system so that the fumes were not drawn in but expelled out. My warning was not taken seriously one night and eye watering amounts of butane gas filled the grow chamber eventually killing most of the plants. I only mention this horrible tragedy to give credit to those plants that did survive, and maybe a warning to others. Out of the twelve packs of seeds plus many “free bee” seeds from various breeders and a few of my own creations, only four plants survived. One Mastodon female, a Satellite Cindy female, a Cindy’s Blue Cheese male and an OG OG female. All other seedlings from all other breeders were killed. Ironically, the plants that survived showed no signs of damage, and later went on to thrive each in there own way.
    The rest of the plants turned yellow and drooped within days, and were completely crispy, white and shriveled by the end of the week no matter what I did. While the Pachyderm Kush Seedlings that I germinated did not survive, I was able to get to know them as young seedlings enough to have some information about them if it helps anyone. I decided to germinate the entire pack of Pachyderm Kush seeds so that I could grow one plant per card if possible. Especially since after describing the Vanilla Kush/Mastodon genetics to my brother’s patients and my own, everyone got excited and requested that Pachyderm Kush be a part of their stash.
    Pachyderm Kush seeds germinated at 100% within 24 hrs of being placed in rock wool moistened with warm aerated water. I covered the tray with a vented dome and placed it beneath an 8 bulb 24″ T5 light bank keeping the germinating seeds at 79 degrees and 90% humidity. Pachyderm Kush were the second seeds to germinate behind OG OG which germinated first by only two hours. Mastodon and Satellite Cindy popped in third and fourth place, followed by Blue Snowdawg, Cindy’s Blue Cheese and so on. Ironically enough Oregon Green Seeds were the first to germinate, the first to develop true leaves, the first to be transplanted and first to start sexing. I highly value seeds that all germinate, and that do so quickly. It literally by the end of the grow season will save me weeks of valuable time if seeds are sprouted within days of being placed in the dome. From the very start Pachyderm Kush put on display her prestigious Indica/Afghani lineage strutting her stuff with fat leaves set in tight clusters all along tightly spaced and stout branches all supported by nice thick little trunks. Within days of germinating they were transplanted into small pots and were growing true leaves, getting tall and showing lush bushy tendencies within weeks. What got me the most excited about Pachyderm Kush was the mouth watering terepines already developing in these small and vigorous plants. Rubbing the stalks produced aromas ranging from gummy candy, Moroccan hash, warm spices, soft dry floral notes, caramel, light mellow citrus and muted coffee/skunk. In fact, the Pachyderm Kush plants were the first to actually develop a true “stink” and even started getting frosted sticky stems all around the pre-flowering sites only days into sexing. Even before finishing being sexed I was already getting requests from fellow growers for extra females or cuttings of Pachyderm Kush. Requests based on solely on her super lush bushy growth, dominating presence in the grow room and pleasant yet pungent orders. “I want one of those!” most people would say with raised eyebrows as they pointed at the Pachyderm Kush plants when allowed to peek into the nursery. Even friends of mine who do not grow complemented the Pachyderm Kush plants for their beauty and vigor often asking me what strain they were, and where they came from. Quickly Pachyderm Kush became the most popular/coveted/anticipated plant in my nursery among fellow growers and patients. You can not imagine the disappointment when I had to tell everyone that none of them survived. Having gotten to know and love Mastodon for her easy growth and potent flowers, I can only imagine how good those Pachyderm Kush plants really were. Hopefully I can grab at least one pack of Pachyderm Kush before they are all gone the next time they come back in stock.

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