Fast Jack


Fast Jack

Genetics: Jack Herer/Typhoon X Forgetful Cindy)
Potency: THC 18%
indica/sativa: 15/85
Flowering: 45-56 days
Outdoors from mid to end Sept.

Typhoon is a semi autoflowering Thai Sativa (semi auto when grown here in northern Oregon). It was a no-brainer to use it to shorten the flowering time of the Jack Herer. Which it did by about 7-10 days. But to shave a few more days off, it was then pollinated with Forgetful Cindy (Cindy 99 being the famous Jack Herer phenotype with a 52ish day flowering period).

Expect fairly easy growing plants most of which will stay under 7 feet outdoors. A medium-dense bud structure, heavy yielding plants, and an impressive, long-lasting stone just like Jack is famous for. But in a much faster package.

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