Forgetful Cindy


Forgetful Cindy


Mother — Cinderella 99 (Bros. Grimm) pineapple pheno
Father — Amnesia Hashplant [(Amnesia Haze (Core cut)/Danish Gold) X (Amnesia (Core's)/Danish Gold x Blue Satellite]

Indica/Sativa – 10/90

Flowering time: 7-8 weeks (49-56 days after flowering begins)
Outdoors: On or before end Sept.
Height: 4-6 feet
Yield: medium, medium/high

I crossed my pure C99 pineapple pheno mom to the Amnesia Hashplant a couple years ago. I just wanted 200 seed for testing purposes, which is what I got. I grew a dozen plants from that seed (sensi) and it turned out to be amazing — my favorite wake-n-bake and daytime medicine. So, this year I decided to remake this cross (since I had no seed left) in order to have it in my own garden again, and offer it in the shop as a near pure sativa selection.

The Amnesia ups the mold resistance and shaves a few days off the flowering time for most specimens. Forgetful Cindy is a fairly easy plant to grow, and it yields an above average bounty of medium/medium-dense buds of very high quality.

If you are a sativa lover and/or uplifting 'wake and bake' fan,  having Forgetful Cindy in your garden will give you an uber-pleasing harvest outcome.

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