Gorilla Grape CBD


Gorilla Grape CBD

Genetics: Gorilla Grape X Willamette Hush
indica/sativa 90/10
Flowering: ~-63 days 12/12
Outdoor: 1st week Oct. northern Oregon


Centered around the original Gorilla Grape by Outlaw that I put into seed form (outcrossed to Fire Alien Kush, then crossed back into original cut X3 – Gorilla Grape BX3)…

Gorilla Grape BX3 is a quite potent indica, and especially for a purple cultivar. Besides its ability to stone you to the bone, its very relaxing, a good sleep aid, and works GREAT for pain. I personally use it for migraine headaches and nerve pain.

Crossed with our stabilized high-cbd hemp, Willamette Hush, we now have a cannabis cultivar that works GREAT for pain but with significant CBD to expand its medicinal uses while counteracting the psychoactive effect of the THC.

Available in packs of 10 regular seed.

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