Iranian Early Flower BX2

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Genetics: Iranian early flowering landrace

flowering period: ~ 40-42 days

Height: short (2-3 feet)

Yield: medium/high

Odor: medium/high

Potency: very potent, medicinal

Nice earthy, rich flavor.

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Iranian EF BX2

Not an autoflower, but rather a very quick finishing indica.    We’re talking a 40-ish day flowering period.  Originally acquired female seed from Dr. Greenthumb a few years back.  Then worked to get into regular seed form for breeding projects and future development work.

Origin –  Landrace from dry, arid Iran.  So it is susceptible to mold and PM if wet conditions occur in flower.  However, it is so early that mold will likely NOT be an issue.

In northern Oregon, the Iranian Early Flower is usually ready to begin harvest by first week of August.  Some individuals may go till middle of August.

Very light hungry and does not perform well indoors.  Best outdoors under the sun where it will grow into very stout bushy plants producing large, long (baby arm sized) buds .

Available in packs of 10 regular seed

5 reviews for Iranian Early Flower BX2

  1. Jeremy (verified owner)

    I received seeds July 5 2015. 100% germination at four days. Culled one plants at three weeks due to undesirable growth traits. Remaining showed signs of sex at five weeks. Two male and one female. Culled less desirable male.

    Plants have great structure and look forward to incorporating the strain into my breeding program to help my sativas finish faster.

    As always I’m very happy with Oregon green seed service and quality.

  2. Jeremy (verified owner)

    Second time with this strain.

    100% germination at four days. Culled two plants at three weeks to keep in compliance with plant limits.

    Remaining two looking good. Hoping to get another excellent male specimen for breeding program. Had one of the best male indica I’ve grown from the Iranian strain last summer.

  3. tmitten (verified owner)

    Received my order of these 5 days ago and put the seeds in my starting tray and am patiently waiting for them to poke their little sprouts up. Shouldn’t be long now before I either nurture them up or order another pack. Very fast delivery.

  4. Jeremy (verified owner)


    The fast development of flowers on this strain is amazing.

    Had two fellow cannabis growers with a combined 50 years of cultivation experience, visit the farm today.

    Both were super impressed with the smell, bud development, and finishing time. Always great to have the old timers give complements. Oh, wait. I’m an old timer now, with almost 30 years of cultivation experience.

    Will post info on flower quality soon.

    Mahalo, Deb and Oregon green seed for all your help and dedication to all things cannabis. Hawaii is loving your strains.

  5. tmitten (verified owner)

    After all has been said and done this growing season these have been a joy to watch grow and develop. 5 females out of ten seeds, 3 of those finished in early August and the remaining two achieved more height then finished the first week of September. Very potent strain! Very relaxing! I’m looking forward to having this strain again next spring! Awesome seed stock!!!

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