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Donkey Kong is arriving back in the shop – fresh, new seedstock made naturally outdoors this 2014 season.  This latest breeding takes the Donk up to the 10th generation (f10).  The last batch that sold out was F9, made back in 2009.

Donkey Kong is a blending of Columbian Gold, Oaxacan, Panama Red, a high-altitude Mexican sativa, some Thai/Asian with Blueberry and some other mysteries. A sativa-dominant hybrid, yet phenotypes expressing indica dominant traits can be found. About 60% of plants exhibit a sativa-dominant growth structure.  When grown well, it will develop quite long, medium-dense buds. And its quite resistant to powdery mildew and mold.

40/60  Indica/Sativa
Plant height – from 5-8+ feet tall
Grow method – top, lst, pinch, scrog, xmas tree
Flowering period – 56-70+ days
Yield – medium – medium/large
Potency – strong
Effect – Uplifting, happy, energizing yet calming,  just plain good fun, good for day and evening use.

12 regular seeds per pack

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Developed from old-school genetics – Columbian Gold,  Oaxacan, Panama Red, a high-altitude Mexican sativa, some Thai/Asian (Blueberry, and some mysteries).   Cultivated outdoors for over 30+ years in the beautiful Pacific Northwest

Donkey Kong  develops super long (donkey schlong), super large (King Kong) sized buds that are ready for harvest outdoors by mid to late October.  By October the leaves may turn a deep purple outdoors.  Its a very smooth, delicious tasting smoke that delivers a strong, lasting, UP-lifting yet calming high.

Features of this potent cannabis variety:

  • Yields from 300-900 gm/square meter (1/2 – 1 pound+ per plant), depending on growing conditions
  • Height from 5 – 8 feet at maturity (does well topped/pinched back if height is issue)
  • Turns purple in cooler climate as buds elongate and mature
  • Quite resistant to powdery mildew and molds.
  • Harvest mid to end of October ( 45 degrees north lat) –  indica-leaning phenotypes harvest mid October.
  • Produces VERY Long, very Fat, Dense and sticky buds with a
  • Tasty, smooth, slightly earthy and spicy smoke, with some plants giving off a ‘blueberry muffin’ aroma and flavor.
  • Cerebral, uplifting high with nice body effects from the indica influence.
  • Medium odor when growing
  • Medical uses: depression, mood stabilization, seizure control, moderate pain relief, headache, energy and focus, nausea

Donkey Kong is for those that like a good buzz with some staying power — perfect for fun and giggles, playing outdoors, gatherings and being social.  Helps with pain, depression, headache, seizures, anxiety.  But be sure to warn your ‘light weight’ friends, as the Donkey can really KONG the less experienced.

I won’t be making a new generation of Donkey Kong.  Instead, I’ve decided to do some work with it to shorten flowering time and islolate each phenotype.  So this seed stock will be the last.

12 Regular Seeds per pack


3 reviews for Donkey Kong

  1. jsharp6499 (verified owner)

    placed an order for donkey kong.ogs sent me an e-mail they were postponing shipment because of the heat wave.a few days later received the seeds.looked them over with my eye loup.they look good.will use them for my indoor winter grow.excellent customer first online seed purchase.five stars.

  2. Henry (verified owner)

    Donkey Kong thrives in the Southwest outdoors at 33 deg. to 35 deg latitude. At this latitude, It is an early flowering variety starting to flower in mid July and finishing in late September. I had three (3) male plants out of a dozen planted and four females came to full flower.
    One super female grew seven feet tall and accounted for fully one half of the harvest. It has a mild sweet aroma and smokes with little or no harsheness. Definitely a non-finicky outdoor variety.

  3. thom.crown13 (verified owner)

    My garden this past summer was exclusively “The Donk”. Seeds germinated overnight and sprouted quickly. I had a 50/50 mix M/F which is what I would expect. I grew organically in the PNW. The Donk grew great in large pots and grew even better in ground. Beautiful large colas as advertised. Averaged 12 oz per plant. I pruned them into 4-5 foot bushes for stealth. Probably could have done better if I’d started them sooner but I’m totally pleased with the results. Nice smoke too. I’ll grow Donkey Kong again for sure.

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