Island Sweet Skunk x AH


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Island Sweet Skunk x AH

Genetics: ISS  x Amnesia Hashplant
indi/sat: 30/70
flower p.: 8 – 9 weeks
Yield: high
Potency: strong – 9

Island Sweet Skunk

Grown for decades outdoors on Vancouver Island in Canada, the Island Sweet Skunk is a sturdy plant that has a reputation for standing up to harsher outdoor conditions,  yielding very very well and producing long, medium dense bud that delivers a very strong happy stone. Its a stabilized sativa/skunk cross, who’s genetic lineage is unknown.

ISS will take some moisture and less than stellar conditions for a limited time late in flower.

Oregon Green Seed’s Amnesia Hashplant adds even more outdoor robustness, more resin, and the ability to get it to finish before the rains start in Oregon – by the end of September.


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