Wonder Woman2016


Wonder Woman


Mother — Cinderella 99 (Bros. Grimm) pineapple pheno
Father — Bionic Plant (Grapefruit/Blueberry x SSSDH/Amnesia Hashplant [(Amnesia Haze (Core cut)/Danish Gold) X (Amnesia (Core’s)/Danish Gold x Blue Satellite]

Potency: HC 20%
Indica/Sativa – 15/85

Flowering time: ~ 8 weeks (49-60 days of 12/12)
Outdoors: end Sept.
Height: 4-6 feet
Outdoors it can go bigger – 8+ feet
Yield: medium, medium/high

For one of 2017 Summer breeding projects, I crossed my pure C99 pineapple pheno mom to the Bionic Plant resulting in Wonder Woman.

The mother is from original Brothers Grimm Cinderalla 99 stock — a champion among champions in the near pure sativa realm with her 53-ish day flowering time, sticky sticky buds, and strong sativa high.

The father in this cross is in one word, AWESOME. One of the MOST Robust cultivars I’ve ever created and worked with — A very UPbeat sativa dominant cultivar with a short flowering time for a haze hybrid. The Amnesia Hashplant in this pollinator is responsible for that, and for upping the mold resistance as well. Although I’ve not released him in the shop (yet), many folks I’ve passed seeds out to tell me its the ‘holy grail’.

Wonder Woman is a fairly easy plant to grow, and it yields an above average bounty of medium-dense buds of┬ávery high quality. Outdoors many specimens will significantly outsize typical c99 plants — a trait added by the father in this cross.

If you are a sativa lover looking for a strong, robust plant that finishes quickly (~ 7.5 – 8 weeks) for a sativa, that yields very well, and gives a ‘holy grail’ quality effect to the user, I highly recommend you give the Wonder Woman a try.

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